~ Everything you need to live an empowered, purposeful, and fulfilling life lies within you ~

Want to create new possibilities for your life?

Most people aren't really willing to change. But you want to. Because here you are. Something motivated you.

Are You Feeling The Pull?

Have you been struggling with a pattern that feels stuck? Are you feeling a vague sense that something is missing? You thought at this point in your life there would be more than ‘this’? Do you wish your life felt more meaningful? There are times in life when we feel a stirring to awaken. We've just had enough and need to break free. We want to begin that search for meaning and find inner peace. The yearning pulls us.

Are You Feeling The Push?

Have you been through a traumatic or painful event? Are you struggling with grief or a loss? Are you hiding from yourself because of addiction? Do you feel shattered inside? Does it seem that friends and family just don’t know how to help you? Sometimes an outside event breaks us open and we feel raw, exposed, vulnerable and need relief. The pain pushes us.

KNOW THIS: You have the ability to generate your own well-being and happiness. 



Our Inner Experience

The answers lie within, we only forgot how to find them. We tend to be so overwhelmed and distracted trying to maintain our daily lives that we have forgotten our place in the world and lost our sense of belonging. We've tuned out our inner guidance system. This can make it hard to see our way clearly and it can feel lonely and painful. As we go along, we try to stash away hurt feelings but often we hear our internal critic telling us we aren't what we should be. Many of our false beliefs, stuck patterns, and emotional traumas are held in our physical bodies. This is all happening inside of us. We can't change the events that have happened in our past, but we all have the power, right now, to change our perceptions and our responses. It's an inside job. I can help you break the patterns and shift your perspective.

Our innate power ~ our inner sage.

We have many natural capabilities that we haven't been encouraged to use. All of us have intuitive senses. We also all have an aspect of our self that is beyond our daily persona and thoughts. It is the part of us that is eternal. It is our spirit. We can learn practices to still our agitated mind. When we learn to really listen, distilling the different aspects of who we are, we can hear the inner voice that comes from a place of deeper knowing. This is our wise self, our inner sage. We can also learn techniques to get in touch with those parts of ourselves we have stashed away and invite them to come forward and be healed. I will guide you through this process.



Once you reconnect with your inner sage, you will realize that you are also connected to the source of all consciousness and all of life or source energy. And there is help for us here too. We can learn how to enhance our relationship with this field of energy and co-create the life we desire. When you begin to hold your thoughts in concert with the desires of your highest self and make choices from the wise inner voice, the universe responds. Synchronicities will emerge. This isn't about 'positive thinking' because you can't fool your body. You will learn not to just use your thoughts but how to really feel. You will know the truth in your bones. Life will bring you sweet surprises. This is magic.


We have the power to transform and to manifest what our spirit most deeply desires: to live with purpose and meaning; to feel our connection to the creative force of life; to know we are supported and we belong.

Inner Portals provides transformational coaching, intuitive guidance, and energy healing to help you awaken your inner sage and transform your life. I have tools to guide you and we will explore what works best for you.


I offer private sessions in person (where available) and remotely by phone or videoconference. Sessions are tailored to meet individual needs and may include coaching, energy healing techniques, nature therapy, shamanic journeying and other modalities. My work draws from a myriad of experiences and studies, including ancient mystical traditions, earth spirituality, and transformational coaching. Online courses and workshops will also be offered from time to time. LEARN MORE ABOUT ME HERE>>