About Megan

I believe that nothing is beyond the realm of possibility. There is magic in the world. There is so much to discover. I like freedom. I like to explore. I believe we all have the power to transform our lives.

I believe that all we see in the physical world has roots and origin in the unseen. We are an integral part of the driving force of life. It's pushing through everything and pushing through us. It’s the universal source of creation. Dynamic, ever-changing. Nature is a great teacher here. Learning to be in better relation with these forces brings harmony and balance in our lives. And we can align with this energy to co-create.

I like to explore the mysteries of life. Mystics and ancients have much wisdom to teach us. Through contemplation, we can find our inner-wise-self voice. We can learn ways of understanding, ways of conjuring and manifesting, ways of healing and transformation. But only take what feels true deep in your own bones. I know these things are very important: Desire. Intention. Imagination.

I know that our deepest beliefs are held in our bodies and sometimes not in our conscious awareness. Our cells hold memories and images and thoughts. We have to learn to sort them and feel what is the truth. Awakening is a somatic, in- your-body experience. Ritual and ceremony are good ways to promote an embodied experience and to remind us that we are in a reciprocal relationship with the unseen.

I am aware of my privileged position and grateful for the abundance in my life. I give thanks and praise to the spirits and my ancestors for the grace I have been shown.

I believe love is a universal force and we will always do better when we chose from a place of love and not fear.

Bio in Brief

From a young age, I have been a student of nature, the evolution of consciousness, and metaphysical arts. I hold a Bachelors degree in Natural History from the University of California, Santa Cruz. For three years I served as Chair of the board of the Earth Medicine Alliance, an organization promoting earth-honoring traditions and indigenous wisdom. I have been formally trained in Shamanism, Reiki, Brazilian Spiritist Energy Therapy, Transformational Touch and other energy healing techniques. I am a member of the Society for Shamanic Practice. I have completed intensive programs in Integral Enlightenment, Activating Quantum Powers and Feminine Power Mastery. I also have a JD from Hastings College of Law and have had a professional career in technology transactions in Silicon Valley. For many years I have used my understandings to help others.

The longer story

My life has been a combination of the conventional and the esoteric. A balancing act -and then a breaking free and readjusting. I have been running around the woods since I was old enough to wander away from my own front yard. I began toying with the ‘occult’ and spiritism as an adolescent and exploring intuitive arts. A restless teen, I busted out of high school a year early. I went to a progressive university, studied natural history and worked in environmental education in its formative days. I lived in a hippie beach town and hung out for a few years. I got more serious about a career at age 26 and went to law school in San Francisco.

I continued to study ways of communing with the spirit world while I pursued a career in law in Silicon Valley. I have been a student of shamanism for decades, learning mainly from the early teachers in the west. At times it was like I had a secret life. As early as 1986 I was listening to Esther Hicks ‘channel a non-physical being called Abraham’ (now it’s mainstream). In 1997 I was doing ‘multi-incarnational sessions’ (aka past life regressions) at the Light Institute in New Mexico. These things were not part of my cocktail party conversation during my law firm days!

In 2003 I left the confines of the professional office world and started consulting. In 2011, I let go of having a place to live and began a life of being on the road, mostly in a motorhome aptly named the Freedom Express. I have traveled to many parts of the world. I have seen and experienced things that seemed impossible and miraculous. I am a seeker. In my quest for finding ‘the answer,’ I’ve taken almost every workshop on the planet and read umpti-bajillion books and experimented with many practices. I finally discovered there is no ‘answer’ and there isn’t that one ‘right thing’ that will get you ‘there.’ There are many paths, and some will be more effective for you than others. The journey starts within.

I have used my knowledge and skills to empower others to improve their lives. I founded Inner Portals to assist others in finding their way along the path of being human.

I can help you see and create new possibilities for your life.

I know what it’s like to feel caged in the persona that has been required of us, by our families, our jobs, our society. I know the pressures of trying to balance family and career. I know what it’s like to struggle financially and also what it’s like to take financial security for granted. I know how hard it is to be grieving and not find the compassion and support you need. I know what it’s like to struggle with addictions.

You don’t have to go to the lengths I have gone through to find your way to well-being. From where you are right now you can break free from what is suffocating your spirit, reclaim your inner self and find balance in your life.

There are many paths. I have a big toolbox. We will find what works best for you.