Want to know a little more about my work?
Using transformational coaching and energy practices you can connect to your innate source of inner wisdom and create the fulfillment you desire. This does require some work on your part and also an open mind. To begin to play in the field of manifesting the life you want, imagination is key.

Radical Responsibility. Transformational coaching is not psychotherapy. It is not a support group. It requires that you take 'radical responsibility' for your choices and for your own state of mind. We do this without judgment- no beating yourself up, but also no blaming others. If you want your life to change, you have to do the changing. We can't change everyone and everything else. This requires you to first accept that there are ways in which you are creating your own circumstances. I will challenge you to be accountable and at times it may even seem confrontational.

What are you needing right now?

If you are feeling the push. If you are feeling "pushed by the pain" or are in distress, you may need a few healing sessions to decompress before launching into more provocative work. You may need to begin with some guided meditations or calming energy work to clear blockages or soothe trauma. Perhaps a shamanic journey will reveal the best path to the relief you need. Then when you feel a little less lost and more grounded you can take the next steps.

If you are feeling the pull. If you have been feeling "pulled by the yearning," you may be ready to dive right in and start uncovering hidden obstacles to your well-being. This can be challenging work. We tend to be defended, trying to justify behaviors that in reality don't serve us well. Sometimes it's not so pretty, but there is always gold in the shadows.

When you book your sessions, you will be able to describe in more detail where you believe you are on this "pushed or pulled" spectrum and we can tailor the sessions accordingly.

Law of Attraction. I think basic law of attraction principles are important to learn and typically incorporate that into early sessions. This helps us to understand on yet another level how we generate our own experience. It can also be lots of fun. We have the ability to manifest. It gives us a way to understand our inner power.

Re-educate and Re-Integrate. When we see how our own behavior is generating the experience we don't want, we can begin to make changes. I tend to follow a particular methodology for breaking through the biggest obstacles that keep us stuck. To make the shift more permanent, we have to root out the false belief from where it resides in our bodies. We retrain it to understanding what is actually true. We ground ourselves in this higher truth, integrating it into our physical body. We need to feel it in our bones. This is a process.

A little bit of help from the unseen. If we are struggling to get to the wise inner voice or to understand what is 'true' we can call on guides and helping spirits from other realms using a variety of techniques. Part of being able to heal and remember where we belong as humans is understanding that there are unseen relatives around us all the time: the consciousness that flows through everything; spirits of the earth and our ancestors; or perhaps you feel more comfortable with the concept of guardian angels. If you find this difficult to access, just be open. Even science tells us our minds are capable of far more than we utilize and there are forces at work that are beyond our current understanding. We can access other fields of seeing and knowing. Allowing yourself to use your imagination is the gateway.

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