Transformational Coaching and Energy Healing

My work draws from a myriad of experiences and studies, from ancient mystical traditions, earth spirituality, energy therapies, shamanic journeying and life coaching. Combining esoteric wisdom and intuitive guidance with practical techniques, I will assist you to release blocks, reconnect with the creative force of life that resides within you and activate your higher potential. You will learn to distill aspects of your defended self and recognize your inner wisdom. As you learn to trust your own truer nature, you will experience emotional healing. This often facilitates physical relief as well. The journey is one of self-discovery. The work is transformational. It will change the way you feel in your body and change the way you see the world. Learn more "About the Work" HERE >>


These one-on-one sessions address your specific challenges. Using intuitive guidance we will learn where you need to make shifts. Sometimes stuck patterns are being held in the body. Using energy healing techniques we can identify and clear blocks. We will explore other methods to see what might best give voice to the parts of you that need to be heard, understood and integrated. These sessions will be remote by phone or videoconference. You will need to be in a private place and have uninterrupted time. (In person sessions may be available depending on your location.) I will give you some tools to practice on your own.

One on one sessions will generally be one hour. The first session will typically be fifteen minutes longer and cover some introductory practices to give you context and a framework for this kind of inner work.

Booking a Private Session

Private sessions can be booked online and are prepaid.  Book Now>>

Personal Intensives

If you are serious about making some changes in your life but can't break away for regular private sessions and aren't sure how to fit new practices into your hectic day this may be an option for you. By special arrangement, I can come to your location and spend time with you in your workplace and home for a condensed time period. I will 'shadow you' to provide a detailed assessment of your needs and formulate a custom plan that fits your lifestyle. We will need to do a pre-assessment interview to see if this program will work for you. This requires a serious commitment to do the inner work and a significant financial investment. If you are interested Contact Me.

Please note that I am not a certified or licensed psychotherapist or mental health counselor. Coaching sessions are not a substitute for psychotherapy or psychiatric treatment. Energy therapy techniques are not for primary treatment of physical symptoms. You should seek the advice of your doctor if you are experiencing medical issues.


Upcoming Program: Awaken Your Inner Sage-Webinar
This will be a multi-session course that will be offered online.  This will be suitable for those new to inner work as well as reinforcing practices for those who are already on their way.  The course will cover basic principles of transformational work, specific exercises to connect with your inner sage, methods for engaging in a dialog with the parts of yourself that are holding you back from what you most desire and ways of healing and integrating those parts.  To get details about the course as updates are available, register here to keep in touch. If you are interested in getting started now, please book your Private Sessions.



I offer public ceremonies from time to time to honor the earth or remind us of our connection to the sacred, usually at the time of the new moon or the full moon. Please keep in touch to receive news about public events. Offerings may be in your area or online.

I am available for personalized private ceremonies by special arrangement. I am ordained as a minister by the Universal Life Church Seminary. If you would like to arrange a private ceremony Contact Me.